Finally Success Printing PVB

Finally a project came along that provided a nice excuse to take that PolySmooth filament out of its shiny metal foil pouch.

Recently got one of those really nice Lego Floral kits, and they had taken taken over the real flower vase at home. So we figured they needed their own vase.
After a while searching, I found a very reasonable looking Milk Jug:

A few tweaks in blender to make the bottom flat, and thicken the walls to 0.8mm for printing. I didn’t go with Vase mode since the handle makes it not suitable for that mode.

5 hours later, and some processing to remove supports and it’s done. I ended up really liking the shimmery surface, so I didn’t use alcohol to polish the surface, but I’ll try a second print with single 0.6mm walls to try to get a smooth and hopefully fully transparent finish.

Now the Lego flowers have a home!

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