Snowball – Work In Progress

This is a project that has been going on for some time. I figured it was time to learn Blender since I longer have access to a 3D Studio Max license. What better way than by designing and printing all the parts of a functional little robot mascot!

This is the reference image I used. Basically tried to replicate the body shape and moving parts. The front face/mask was somehow really tricky to dial in to get the same feeling.

Image result for snowball mei

After designing the parts, I printed them on my Cetus 3D. This was lots of fun and I learned a lot about the limits of FFF printing.

I ran into problems with the hinges. Being the first 3d printed hinges I’ve ever created (and really just pushing through with blender), I made a lot of mistakes, so I ended having to use metal rods for some bits and more glue that I originally intended.

This stayed on a drawer for a while until I figured out how I was going wire all the internals. I used the following:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Adafruit mono audio AMP,
  • PWM expansion board
  • 3 servos
  • 3 RGB LEDs
  • USB Microphone

I’ve got some code up and running already to create some rudimentary facial expressions, servo motor control and RGB colors. I’ve also been experimenting with a few things to get voice recognition working.

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