Random – CocaCola wireless headphones

Completely random post, but had to share these CocaCola wireles earbuds that I found at a Tillys store yesterday. This is how they came in the box:

Even though they look awesome I thought they would be really cheap, but the specs said that they actually had a full response of 20-20KHz so I decided to try my luck. Once out of the box this is how they look:

The bluetooth audio driver does actually pump out samples at 20KHz, even though the actual audio actuators have a rather poor response at lower frequencies. They won’t replace my main headphones, but now I have cool set of back up wireless earbuds.




2 thoughts on “Random – CocaCola wireless headphones

  1. Do you happen to have the manual still? Misplaced mine without even reading it (it’s a pretty simple thing) but now for some reason I can’t pair them with anything. Thanks!

    • I don’t have the manual anymore, but in order to pair them you can press and hold them for a couple of seconds (like if you were turning them on) but keep it pressed a little more until a second sound is heard. The LED light will start flashing and you can now pair it with your PC/cellphone.

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