Minecraft Flandre Scarlet

So, this is something I did a long time ago. I’m probably looking at this with nostalgia googles, so bear with me. I had seen lots of people do Touhou characters in Minecraft, but always in 2D!! Though awesome in itself, the whole point of Minecraft is to do things in 3d, so I got to work on voxelizing a 3d model of Flandre Scarlet that I had lying around. After importing the Voxels into Minecraft I then replaced the blocks (one by one, inside the game) with the right colored blocks. Took forever, but definitely worth it. Here it is:

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GPU Project 07 – Simulating the design

In order to see if the design is working before committing to a full build in the FPGA I wanted to simulate it to see if it could render just a few pixels and return sensible pixel locations. There are of course lots of different complicated ways of doing this, some quite elaborated, but I just wanted to functionally verify the design in the shortest amount of time (this is a hobby project after all). So, I opted o use Xilinx BFMs. These are IP cores that can generate different kinds of traffic on AXI buses. Here’s the testbench that I created:

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GPU Project 06 – HLS IPs


Well, due to being very busy at work I hand’t had a chance to actually post progress on the project, but we most definitely have progress! If you have been following these posts, you can see that last time we sketched out the overall architecture of the video card. 

In order to render point clouds we only need the three blocks that are highlighted. Basically, a mechanism for pulling in raw vertexes from memory, a block that can transform the 3d points to a 2d screen space, and a block that can take those points and draw them on a frame buffer. So, here they are!

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